What do you want to do after you finish college?

Go to the store!

I've been dying to see Vicky.

I promoted her.

Dori never took Julius seriously.

I'd like to be able to tell people my real name.


You have a child-like face.

Eat more or you'll waste away!

This is true of your case also.

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Wealth, as such, does not matter much.

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I don't think he'll know how to do that work.

I heard Kimmo tapping his foot to the music.

My friend has arrived.

Joyce's boss appreciates his work, but he doesn't want to give him a pay raise.

Damn, Valsi isn't here.

He hesitated for a while.

This is my dick.


Is there anybody who can drive a car?

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I like taking naps right after lunch.

I don't know what I should do.

They were disappointed.


As our fingers touched, I felt a shiver run through me.

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Ram eventually left Boston.

It will be four crowns, please.

You did a great job.

The boy caught the cat by the tail.

You don't like me very much, do you?

I know you did it.

They'll need help.

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I told Dana to stop.

Somehow I just can't work up any desire to study.

Do you think he's sensible?

Will I get any help?

You'd better come out here.


Helge isn't sure why he's here.


The squirrel made a nest in the wood pile.

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Thank you so much for inviting me.

The air is hazy.

Tell Darryl why.

Jones was whistling in the dark to belie how terrified he was to be alone in the house which was rumoured to be haunted.

I used to not eat meat.


Cindy was the only man in the room.

Can you sing us a song?

Bruce cooked me dinner.

I'll go check on Novo.

Ramon pulled the door half shut.

Your answer is wrong.

I laid a blanket over her.

The dog was running toward him.

Lloyd flushed slightly.

I would very much appreciate it if you would help me, not Robin.

I know about you two.

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Carsten drew his gun and shot.

You have to know what you want. When you know what it is, you have to have the courage to say it; when you say it you have to have the courage to do it.

Papiamento is an official language in Aruba.

How did you guess I was Ted?

I clapped him on the back.

An apple is round in shape.

Uri doesn't know who Tal is.


Never work on electrical wiring without unplugging it; it's a bad idea. I know from experience.

It's been a really long day, huh.

The staff exchanged frank opinions in the meeting.

When I was about to leave, it began to rain.

They indulged in mahjong.


The company engaged him as an advisor.

I guess I just needed some rest.

I'm not in love with Knudsen anymore.

We have to stay together.

They missed us.


One of the apples fell to the ground.

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Do you want to go out for coffee?

Why do you think I'm not happy?

Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing.

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The boycott lasted a little more than a year.


In other words, you should doubt common sense.


Are you interested in football?

I heard a car backfire.

Betty has a previous conviction for theft.

That supermarket sometimes has sales.

Lots of children in industrialised countries are too fat because they eat too many sweets.

Why are you so popular?

Does Suyog know why you weren't at his party?


I got the idea that he would come by himself.

Yesterday I read an article about acid rain.

You really want to do this, don't you?

There is nothing to fear.

There's nothing to do, so I may as well go to bed.

My big sister showers every day.

I told Tanaka what was going on.

You can make more tomorrow.

The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv.

Tait almost always wears dark clothes.

You're as tough as nails.

Raja is going through a difficult time.

Rodent swept every room in the house.

The team was complete.

Did it not occur to you to close the windows?

In my youth, I was wronged.

The nurse is not here.


This river is one mile across.


I didn't want to believe the things Kazuhiro said about Janet yesterday.


I study abroad.


I wonder what Alfred and Joni always talk about.

I was proud of them.

The first thing he did was to untie his shoelaces and take his shoes off.

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Jane's phone is huge.


That's not quite what I meant.

We have people everywhere.

There might have been something in the box.

So will anything change?

What am I being considered for?


You should tell your family.

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It's a nice country to visit, but I wouldn't live there.

In Japan wages are usually in proportion to seniority.

Eduardo doesn't think that is a good idea.

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Do we have to pay anything?

I have people I need to talk to.

It's gotten cold. Be careful you don't catch a cold.


In any case, you need to vote "yes" in the February 18th referendum.

She's active and fit.

All the guests have gone home.

He raised his hat in respect.

You're a loser.

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Rose was blowing bubbles.


I told you Ed was busy.

She is an American by birth.

The asked Donn to turn off the computer and prepare dinner.

He loves going to the theater.

When he came to, he was lying in the park.

Lars wanted Gigi to be at his party.

Jim isn't a lawyer, but a doctor.

He's looking now as if he were sick.

I think I can see everyone from here.

Cyrus used the apples that Jarvis gave her to make apple butter.

My family goes to Italy every year.

Ready money will away.

They've recently patched WoW. Wanna farm the new dungeon? The party is waiting.


I want to know why you weren't here yesterday.

If you need to access Wikipedia today to complete your homework, you're out of luck, unless you speak a foreign language.

Peter arrived just as I was going home.

She competes in ski races.

Stop playing with that.

The architecture in this part of the city is ugly.

The anniversary of the assassination of Itzhak Rabin is a national mourning day.

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He goes to a school for the deaf.

I'm with them now.

Her pupils were as black and deep as an abyss.

Everett did his duty.

Suzan did it this morning so he wouldn't have to do it tomorrow.


I plan to accept the offer from that company to become their marketing department's manager.

We'll lose everything.

Your conduct gave rise to another problem.

Don't sell yourself short.

It's been raining again.

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Leon doesn't know what's been happening here.

You'd better stop them.

Erick wasn't telling the truth.

My meals are prepared by my mother.

You don't look like you're from around these parts.

Because of hydraulic fracturing, used to extract natural gas, the earthquake risk for Oklahoma his risen exponentially and is now the same as for coastline from Alaska to California.

He was engaged in medical research.

Do you want to see some of my paintings?

Boyce is a dead man walking.